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Creating quality Cockapoos for great families


Raising quality cockapoos since 2015 it is our desire to provide happy families with perfect additions! Our puppies are raised with love in our home. Sires and Dames are family and are given the best care always. 

Our Dames are given excellent pre-natal care with consistent check ups and bountiful nutrition. They are given Oxi Mate vitamins which support mothers as they are carrying. Oxi Mama is given to Dames to transition puppies to great health as they nurse. Puppies are then given "Blue" puppy food to ensure the best benefits of development. 

All puppies are raised with love by the whole family ensuring early stimulation providing calm and preferable demeanors with children and other pets in the house. 

Puppies are ready for their furever homes at 8 week. Puppies go home being puppy pad trained, vaccinations, pre-registration forms and a complete health certificate.

Puppies are pre-registered with American Cockapoo Club.


Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin is the Sire with a beautiful Apricot coat and white tuxedo. He is constantly happy wanting to play with everyone! He resides at our sister breeding site. (


Minnie Poo

Minnie is the Dam which is considered a Buff. She is very loyal and loves to give kisses! Her babies are well taken care of as she is often talking and playing with them. Her mother was a Cocker Spaniel and father was a Poodle.



Oreo is as Dam with a sweet demeanor as a mother and is very smart which makes potty training an ease! She is considered a blue Merle. 

Future puppies expected December 2022

Christmas Pine Tree

Oakley is a male Cockapoo that is a white and apricot parti with adorable markings on his eyes, and body. He loves to enjoy his siblings by cuddling  and spending time with them. He is sure to stop the show with his calm personality and unique colors. RESERVED

Christmas Pine Tree


Oscar is a male Cockapoo with a red body and a white tuxedo, socks and markings on his muzzle. He has a calm demeanor and gives lots of kisses. He loves to make eye contact with his humans.  His markings are adorable! RESERVED



Corey is a male Cockapoo with apricot coloring. He has the cutest wave to his coat making him desirable to create the perfect Cockapoo look! He has a playful personality and loves to interact with people. RESERVED


Simon a male apricot Cockapoo with some white markings on his muzzle, white socks and a white tuxedo. He has the cutest eyes that can get anyone to cuddle! I love snuggles and will be great with kids. RESERVED

Toy Train



A male red Cockapoo with curly hair and a white tip on his back legs, a white chin and slight white on his chest. He was the first of the litter to walk and enjoy his whole new world. He is attentive and curious. His nice color will charm his new family and their friends. RESERVED

Decorative Ornaments


The only female of the litter, she has the sweetest demeanor. She always looks for hugs and kisses and shares her love with all of her siblings. RESERVED

Past Litters....



Please complete the information to the right in order to get in contact with us. We will return inquiries via email within 24 hours. 

In order to reserve a puppy a $500 non refundable deposit will be required to pick your puppy. The remainder of payment is due at pick up via cash or money order. You will pick your puppy based on the order in which we receive deposits and approval.

Please include your story and why you would like a Cockapoo in your inquiries as we are interested in the homes these babies go to! 

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