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cute puppy

New puppies ready for their forever homes in June 2024 from Delaware


Raising quality Cockapoos since 2015 it is our desire to provide happy families with perfect additions! Our puppies are raised with love in our home. Sires and Dams are family and are given the best care always.

Our Dams are given excellent pre-natal care with consistent check ups and bountiful nutrition. They are given Oxi Mate vitamins which support mothers as they are carrying. Oxi Mama is given to Dams to transition puppies to great health as they nurse. Puppies are then given "Blue" puppy food to ensure the best benefits of nutrition. All sires and dams have been DNA checked with a clean bill of health and true Cockapoos. 

All puppies are raised with love by the whole family, ensuring early stimulation, providing calm and preferable demeanors with children and other pets in the house. 

Puppies are ready for their forever homes at 8 weeks. Puppies go home puppy pad trained, vaccinated, pre-registered with American Cockapoo Club, completed health certificate and a bag of food and treats to remind them of home! All puppies have a 1 year health guarantee for any genetic deficiencies.  

cockapoo puppy
Hickory playful boy apricot


Looking for a fun-loving, intelligent, and affectionate furry friend? Look no further than Cockapoo Cuddles! Our apricot Cockapoo with a white tuxedo and black nose is an absolute delight. He's playful, cuddly, and always ready to learn new tricks. Plus, he's hypoallergenic and low-shedding, making him the perfect choice for those with allergies. Contact us today to give this little guy the loving forever home he deserves!

Isla a chocolate mini cockapoo
Female chocolate mini cockapoo



Say hello to Isla, the adorable chocolate female Cockapoo from Cockapoo Cuddles! Isla is a predicted miniature Cockapoo, weighing in at an estimated 10 to 12 pounds - the perfect size for a mobile companion. She's an adventurous and playful pup who loves nothing more than being in your arms. With her sweet personality and charming looks, Isla is sure to be the perfect addition to any loving family!

Elsa buff cockapoo
Female buff sweet cockapoo


Are you searching for a fun-loving furry friend to add to your family? Look no further than Elsa - the sweetest Cockapoo puppy around! Elsa is a female buff-colored pup that is estimated to weigh between 15 and 20lbs. Her bright eyes and wagging tail are sure to bring a smile to your face. Elsa is a smart and curious pup who is always eager to learn new things. She loves to explore and watch over her pack. Make Elsa a part of your family today!


Our rare blue merle female at Cockapoo Cuddles is truly one of a kind. With striking markings and gorgeous big eyes, she is a true head-turner. But what sets her apart goes beyond her appearance; she is incredibly smart and quick to learn, always eager to please her humans. And when it's time to relax, this cuddly pup knows exactly how to make you feel loved and important.

Rare blue merle Muffin Cockapoo
Rare blue merle cockapoo


blue merle dam

Oreo is our dam with a blue merle color and a wonderful personality. She is averaged between 15-18lbs and is easy to train. She likes to cuddle with her family and is a wonderful mother to her pups. She often gives them snuggles and cleans them constantly. She is considered an F1 generation. She has the capability of breeding Cockapoo minis!

Lilo is an F2 Cockapoo Dam that brings lots of variety in her litters. She is full of personality and loves running and playing outside. You will rarely find her without a toy. She loves to teach her puppies how to play and is constantly cuddling with her humans. Her weight is 18 lbs. 

loving dame
Anna female apricot beautiful cockapoo
Female apricot beautiful cockapoo


At Cockapoo Cuddles, we take pride in raising the happiest and healthiest Cockapoos out there. Our female apricot Cockapoo is a prime example of the quality we strive to maintain. She is full of love and joy and enjoys every second she spends with her siblings and humans. Her cuteness is simply irresistible, and her curiosity and sense of adventure will keep you on your toes! Meet her today and see for yourself!


Sire Jensen

Meet our beloved apricot and white tuxedoed Sire at Cockapoo Cuddles! This fun-loving stud is the heart and soul of our breeding program, having fathered a wide range of colors in his litters. His outgoing personality and intelligence make him an ideal parent to our Cockapoo puppies. At 20lbs, he is the perfect size for snuggling, playing or just enjoying a walk in the park. He is also known to have a gentle and caring disposition, making him a popular choice among our clients!

Family Testimonials

cockapoo cuddle
cute cockapoo

"I had the pleasure of acquiring one of 

Cockapoo Cuddles’s puppies, and I couldn't be more delighted with the experience. From the moment I brought my furry friend home, it was evident that she was raised in a loving and nurturing environment. My dog (Nova)arrived healthy, happy, and full of life, a testament to the quality care and attention she received during the critical early stages of development.

Cockapoo Cuddles demonstrates an unwavering commitment to the well-being of the animals they breeds, ensuring that each puppy receives the utmost care, socialization, and proper health checks before finding their forever homes. It's evident that they prioritizes the happiness and health of the dogs above all else.

Furthermore, Cockapoo Cuddles dedication to maintaining a close-knit family environment is reflected in the temperament and behavior of their dogs. My dog is not only physically healthy but also emotionally well-adjusted, thanks to her initial upbringing in a loving family setting.

I wholeheartedly endorse cockapoo cuddles as a reputable and caring dog breeder. If you're seeking a furry companion who is not only healthy but also comes from a loving family-oriented background, they are the breeder to choose." - Michelle

Get in Touch

Please complete the information to the right in order to get in contact with us. We will return inquiries within 24 hours. 

In order to reserve a puppy a $500 non-refundable deposit will be required to pick your puppy. The remainder of payment is due at pick up via cash, money order or a Zelle transfer.

You will pick your puppy based on the order in which we receive deposits and approval.

Please include your story and why you would like a Cockapoo in your inquiries as we are interested in the potential satisfaction of their new homes! Let's connect!

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