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Cockapoo Snuggles
Tucson, Arizona

Our Practices

Healthy, Happy, and Heart Filled Cockapoos

Our number one priority is the health and well-being of our fur babies!. We raise them in our home where they are given constant love, attention, and socialization by ourselves and our grandchildren. This ensures well adjusted puppies ready to be a part of your family! We offer a one year congenital health guarantee. Puppies go home with their first round of shots, 4 week de-worming schedule and their puppy registration from The American Cockapoo Club. The cockapoos are considered F2's and is estimated to weigh around 18-30lbs. 

Currently no litters at this time in Arizona


Rocket is the Sire to Cockapoo Snuggles current litter of puppies.

His color is called Café Au Latte. Rocket has a beautiful caring personality and his favorite thing he likes to do is cuddle, cuddle, and more cuddle. He is a lover boy!He has the best temperament and would not even hurt a fly. 

Rocket .jpg


Tootsie, is the Dam to Cockapoo Snuggles current litter of puppies.  Tootsie is very loyal to her family and thinks she is the Queen of her castle. She has a very pretty shinny coat with Phantom markings. Very rare color combination which would definitely turn heads. Tootsie has a very pleasant demeanor and is extremely smart.

Cookapoo Dog

Our puppies are raised by the family and given love and attention constantly. Mom's meal plans are specially created to ensure a developmentally strong and wonderful demeanored puppy that will be a perfect addition to your family! With lots of love and snuggles, they are sure to bring great joy!

Fall Cutouts

Biscuit is a very sweet and charming little boy with a peaceful demeanor. His color is Cafe au lait with a cute black button nose. He has a soft coat and loves to cuddle and be held closely.  He will surely win your heart the moment you hold him! SOLD

2 Biscuit 6 wks.jpg

Found  his forever home

Biscuit 1.jpg
Fall Cutouts
2 Minion 9 wks.jpg

Found  his forever home

Minion 9 wks.jpg

Minion is a beautiful boy with a great sense of adventure and loves to explore and is curious about whatever crosses his path. His color is a Cafe au lait with a white muzzle and crown as well as white on his chest.  He is full of joy and will be right by your side in every adventure! 

Fall Cutouts
2 Dart 9 wks.jpg
3 Dart 9 wks.jpg

Found  his forever home

Dart loves to play and run and dart around corners! A very playful spirit and loves toys and blankets. His color is a golden brown with black mixed in and sweet little eyes sure to capture your heart! 

Fall Cutouts
2 Billy 9 wks.jpg
Billy 9 wks.jpg

Billy has a very playful and curious demeanor, and loves to give kisses! He enjoys being held and caressed. Truly a friend indeed!  His color is a Cafe au lait and has some white on his muzzle and the crown of his head and chest. A pal for life!

Found  his forever home

Fall Cutouts

Kenji will win your heart as he is always trying to get your attention for some play and hugs! He loves to hold a stuffed animal in his mouth almost if its his binky! He has a mixed coat of black and cocoa brown with Phantom markings.  

Kenji 13 wks Pic 1.jpg
Kenji 13 wks Pic 2.jpg

Found  his forever home

Fall Cutouts
Kona 13 wks Pic 3.jpg
Kona 13 wks Pic 1.jpg

Kona has a sweet and calm personality and a gentle spirit. He loves to cuddle up to your face! He has phantom markings and is black and brown. He will be a faithful friend to the end! 

Found  his forever home


Meet Obi! He joined our family last year and has been nothing but a joy! He is super smart and fun, but most importantly he is a healthy happy dog. Getting a dog was a big decision for our family and I feel lucky to have come across Cockapoo Snuggles. Cockapoo Snuggles take pride in giving their own dogs a loving and affectionate home, as well as selling quality puppies who are nurtured in the same way! We are very pleased with our purchase and would highly recommend this breeder. -CLAUDIA

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